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For over 7 years now, young patients and their parents in the New Port Richey, Florida area have turned to A Safari Dental for exceptional, individualized pediatric dental care. Thanks to Dr. Frank and his staff’s commitment to quality service and a kid-friendly environment, our patients have found numerous reasons to keep coming back. Just what makes A Safari Dental so special? Find out by reading more about our commitment to dental education, a comforting atmosphere and comprehensive services.

Our Calming Atmosphere

The A Safari Dental office is specifically designed with the comfort of our young patients in mind. We understand that many children, particularly those visiting the dentist for the first time, may be nervous and apprehensive about their experience. In an effort to calm nerves and communicate just how fun and relaxing a visit to the dentist really is at A Safari Dental, our walls are adorned with colorful safari murals, our reception area includes gaming stations, and our appointment rooms even have TVs for children to enjoy during a dental check-up. However, patients often tell us that what makes our atmosphere truly comfortable is our friendly staff that treats every patient with warmth and kindness, along with our willingness to allow parents to sit in on any dental appointment. See what our patients and their families have to say for themselves about our office environment in the video below.

Dental Tips from Dr. Frank

In addition to providing exceptional service to his young patients in the office, Dr. Frank emphasizes helping parents make more informed decisions about their child’s at-home oral health routine. For example, Dr. Frank suggests that parents wean their children off of pacifiers by the age of two, as pacifiers can impede proper mouth formation if used extensively. These malformations can include cross bites, angled teeth, unaligned bites and distorted smiles. Dr. Frank also recommends that parents begin dental care for their children at a very young age, which involves using an infant toothbrush for daily cleaning when a child’s first tooth comes in. A child’s first tooth is also an appropriate time to make an initial appointment with a pediatric dentist.

In addition, Dr. Frank notes that parents can let their children can begin brushing their own teeth with supervision around the age of six. Flossing is also important, and should begin when a child’s teeth come in close together, typically between the ages of two and six. Daily flossing will need to be conducted by parents until children can manage the dexterity of flossing on their own. Furthermore, the A Safari Dental team constantly evaluates children’s dental care products on the market to help parents and children make daily oral care as effective, efficient, and as accommodating to a child’s preferences as possible.

Watch Dr. Frank’s full commentary about dental tips in his video, below.

Why A Safari Dental is a One-Stop Dental Shop

At A Safari Dental, we also take pride in our ability to offer patients comprehensive dental services, and our patients and families appreciate this too. Our wide range of standard pediatric dental services includes cleanings, check-ups, sealant applications, fillings and removals. We also can perform full orthodontic services so that the young patients that grow up with us can stay with dental care they know and trust when it’s time for braces. For children undergoing dental procedures, we also partner with a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist to administer safe sedation with professional monitoring to ensure that our patients always walk away with a positive dental experience. What’s more, we’re committed to serving our patients in every dental capacity through infancy to the age of 18!

Dr. Frank’s full commentary on A Safari Dental’s extensive services can be viewed in the link below.

Interested in learning more about how A Safari Dental can be a perfect fit for your child’s dental needs? Check out additional videos from the A Safari Dental video archive, here.

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