5 Common Kids’ Myths about the Dentist

Going to the dentist can be a frightening thought for many young patients, especially for those that plan to visit the dentist for the first time. The uncertainty of what a check-up entails and the fear of an unfamiliar face can prompt an array of questions inspired by unfortunate, yet popular myths. Your child may express concern about experiencing pain, being intimidated by staff or fear of an unexpected dental procedure.

If you’ve noticed your child is anxious about his or her visit to the dentist, it may be helpful to communicate why the following 5 common myths about the dentist are not to be believed.

Myth #1: A dental check-up is painful.

This common myth couldn’t be farther from the truth! A standard dental check-up is pain-free, as it only involves gentle cleaning and polishing, a routine check for cavities and an evaluation of gum health, and sometimes a fluoride treatment (which is just like using mouth wash). Your child should never worry about being poked, prodded or subject to discomfort in ANY way during their visit to A Safari Dental. Your child’s comfort is one of our top priorities.   

Myth #2: A dentist is a serious, unfriendly person.

Our dentist, Dr. Pettinato, is anything but unwelcoming! Our patients develop friendly rapport with Dr. Frank in no time, as Dr. Pettinato is genuinely interested in each young patient and makes a concerted effort to create a familiar, relaxed atmosphere during every check-up. As a dentist who specializes exclusively in pediatric dental care, Dr. Frank knows just how to relate to his young patients to help them feel more at ease.

Myth # 3: A dentist’s office is an uncomfortable place.

Not at A Safari Dental. Our warm and welcoming office is filled with vibrant jungle wall art that can be found in both the reception area and in every check-up room. Each of our rooms includes a TV for our young patients to enjoy during their appointment, and our reception area features video gaming consoles, too! Each patient will also receive a toy at the end of their visit and can count on interactions with exceptionally friendly staff.

Myth #4: A tooth could be pulled at any time.

This popular, yet misguided fear is common among young patients who worry a dentist will immediately act upon the discovery of a cavity, or fear a dentist will haphazardly decide to pull a tooth. The truth is that a dentist will never conduct a dental procedure on the same day as a regular check-up. If a cavity does need to be filled, a child will always be thoroughly informed of how it will be done at a later date, with reassurance that they have nothing to fear.  In addition, it may be helpful to remind your child that at A Safari Dental, parents are always welcome to sit in the room with their child during a check-up; nothing will happen without Mom and Dad’s knowledge.

Myth #5: A child won’t know what’s going on.

At A Safari Dental, we take pride in our commitment to dental education. This means  that each of our dental hygienists take initiative to explain the steps of a dental check-up in and review the basics of proper oral health in a way that’s easy for a child to understand. We create an engaging environment that readily provides information to our young patients while encouraging kids to ask questions themselves.

Let A Safari Dental help dispel the myths your child may have about visiting the dentist by scheduling your next appointment here. We look forward to providing your child with the fun and friendly dental experience they deserve!

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