The Great American Teach-In

The staff of A Safari Dental went to Fox Hollow Elementary to teach students what it's like to be a dentist and how to maintain proper dental health. Below are student responses to our education.

Brush Your teeth till it’s shiny clean.I will brush my teeth 2 times a day, I will go to the dentist 2 times a month.

No Cavities! Thanks for giving a smile and sharing what you love! I liked the dragon! Love Olive and Mrs. Litak’s class

Thank you A Safari Dentist

I love the dentist

Thank you Safari Dental for coming in and teaching us about how to keep your teeth nice and clean. I also liked the magic number 2 too. Thank you for the tooth brush! Sincerely, Breanna and Mrs. Litak’s Class

Dear Ms. Christa Thank you for coming to our School and telling us about your job. you have inspired me to become a dentist when I get older. Thank you for the tooth brush. From Aiden and Mrs. Litaks class

Dear Safari Dentist, I liked your job and I like that you like your job too. I will someday come to Safari Dental. I will always keep my teeth clean! Thank you! Sincerely Avalina

Dear Safari Dentist, Thank you for coming to our school and sharing info on your job. Our whole class wants to thank you for coming, the whole school appreciates it! What I liked was when you showed us how to brush our teeth. I’ll make sure to brush! From, Ethan

Dear Safari Dental, Thank you for the presentation. I liked when you showed us the bad teeth. They were dirty. Thank you. Sincerely, Noah

Dear Safari Dentist, Hi, I’m Baillie and I would like to thank you for coming to my class. I really like learning about my teeth. It was really good information I’d like to see you again. (P.S. I will see you soon) Love, Baillie

Brush Your Teeth Tongue Gums For no cavity, Stinky breath Get more healthy

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