5 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

Is your child less than thrilled about the thought of brushing his or her teeth? For many young children, the morning and bedtime rituals of brushing teeth are met with little enthusiasm and often outright resistance. However, brushing teeth twice a day as a young child instills important habits and sets the stage for proper dental health for years to come. Communicating why brushing our teeth is important often isn’t enough to make a child more motivated about this activity; instead, parents can more successfully change attitudes by making teeth brushing fun for their children. How so? Consider the following 5 tips.

Playing Music

One of the most popular innovations in kids’ toothbrushes in recent years has been the “singing” electric toothbrush, which can play a variety of popular songs while kids brush their teeth, and ultimately can serve as an effective way of letting a child know when they’ve brushed their teeth for an appropriate amount of time. Adding a touch of song (and maybe even dance) during toothbrush time can help make brushing teeth a part of the day kids’ actually look forward to. Parents can also provide the music themselves by singing the alphabet song, happy birthday or any of their child’s favorites that last for about two minutes.

Revealing Plaque

So while it isn’t likely that simply telling a child that brushing their teeth is necessary will inspire enthusiasm, showing them why it matters just might do the trick. Parents can purchase dissolving agents directly from A Safari Dental that, when chewed before brushing, will reveal traces of plaque on a child’s teeth. Then, as kids’ brush their teeth, they’ll be able to see in real time how their brushing is making a difference and eliminating plaque.

Picking out Toothbrushes, Toothpaste and More

Sometimes all it takes is allowing your child to have a greater stake in the brushing process, and by that we mean letting them take charge things like picking out their own toothpaste, selecting a themed toothbrush, choosing their favorite flavor of dental floss, etc. The more a child can take initiative and make their own choices when it comes to brushing their teeth, the greater the chance they’ll be interested in putting their selections to good use!

Making it a Game

Any added element of entertainment can do the trick when it comes to changing attitudes about brushing teeth, which is why sometimes even inventing simple games can be effective. Have siblings compete to see who can brush their teeth the longest (maybe even get out a timer), or create a narrative in which your child is the “superhero” who must set out to “fight” evil cavities. However silly, a little inspiration and motivation in a context your child can connect with might just yield the results you’re looking for.

Offering Positive Reinforcement

Though brushing our teeth is an expected part of life, for young children resistant to the process, creating an initial rewards system can be an effective approach to sustaining positive habits early on. Consider making a toothbrush chart or calendar to hang in your child’s bathroom on which they can place stars or stickers each time they brush their teeth. After a certain number of stars are accumulated, consider offering your child a reward for their good behavior.

How will you inspire your child to embrace brushing his or her teeth?

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