3 Common (and Tough to Notice) Dental Problems Your Child can Develop

School is out, the temperatures are high, and both parents and their kids are living it up and enjoying the season. Summer isn't just a time for camp, vacations, and late nights out back; it can also be a great time to take care of your child's teeth. There's nothing more inconvenient than having to take your child to the dentist when they are in school. That makes summertime the perfect time to schedule an appointment with the best children's dentist you can find.

Too many parents make the mistake of underestimating the dental problems their child can have, especially when they're young. Kids may not have all of their adult teeth yet, but you need to treat their baby teeth well if you want to avoid painful and costly dental problems in the future. If your child has any of these common dental issues, it's time for them to see a dentist.

Gum disease

Gum disease doesn't just occur in adults – children can be just as susceptible to it. Poor oral hygiene and plaque accumulation can cause gum disease, and over time that could lead to tooth loss and bone damage. If your child has sensitive gums, bad breath, or excessive bleeding after brushing, they may have gum disease.

Sensitive teeth

This can be a difficult problem for parents to notice. After all, baby teeth aren't the sturdiest things and they can be sensitive before falling out. Over time, tooth enamel can get worn down, and this can cause gums to recede or teeth to develop microscopic cracks that can expose nerve endings. This can be very uncomfortable for children, and could get worse as they age. If your child seems to complain about hot or cold foods a lot (especially if their teeth do not seem to be loose), then have your dentist check for an underlying issue. If there are no specific problems, ask about desensitizing toothpastes and other treatments.

Thumb sucking

This may be a surprising thing to see listed in a post about dental problems, but thumb sucking can lead to a surprising number of issues. Technically, it doesn't just have to be thumbs, a special teddy bear or blanket can cause the same amount of damage to your child's teeth. In fact, excessive sucking of any kind can lead to enamel erosion and can introduce a host of dangerous bacteria to your child's mouth. If your child is over the age of four and is still in the habit of sucking, you should consult a doctor on ways to get them to stop.

If you notice any signs of these or any other dental issues in your child, give us a call at A Safari Dental today!





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